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Upcoming workshop

Weight Mastery

Weight Mastery through Clinical Hypnosis.

Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Feel proud of yourself.

Use your precious energy for areas of your life other than thinking about your weight.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn fascinating facts about how your subconscious mind works

  • Release shame, blame, anger, frustration and other negative emotions using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Do muscle testing to learn what your body wants and needs

  • Have a hypnosis session with Early Childhood Regression to discover why and where your body weight issues began

  • Create of a vision board and learn how to use it so you get results

  • Have a hypnosis session for transformation


Saturday, May 4, 2019

10am - 4pm


Edmonton Valley Zoo

Otter Room

With the relaunch of my new site and services, I'm excited to offer the Weight Mastery Workshop at a promotional rate - a full day workshop for only $89 (early bird ends April 20th), general admission $119. 

Weight Mastery May4-2019

Previous Clients Reviews/Testimonials

“Alana gave me the key that unlocked the mystery of my weight struggles and now I am free!”

S.K., Edmonton, AB
“I would never have believed that weight loss could be so fun and easy. I feel like a different,
better version of myself - inside and out.”
P.L., Calgary, AB
The Weight Mastery program changed my life. I can’t thank you enough.”
A.M., Edmonton, AB
“I feel comfortable in my skin and in my body for the first time in my life. I didn’t even realize how much emotional and physical pain I was in. Thank you Alana for Weight Mastery. I am almost at my ideal weight and everything has changed. Things are getting better and better…”
J.C., Grande Prairie, AB
“Alana made me see myself in a better light. I have learned how to love and respect my body and myself. Anything is possible from here. Thank you so much.”
S.F., Edmonton, AB
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