Certified Master Trainer
Life Coach

IACT Certified
Hypnotherapist Training


September 10, 2022 - December 10, 2022

Tuition - $2299 USD


If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact me here or email me at info@alanabelik.com



Includes first year Certified Membership with the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT) upon successful completion


outline of the certified hypnotherapist course

  • The history of hypnosis

  • Rules of the mind

  • The anatomy of the brain and its functions

  • Your evolutionary brain and its relationship to the hypnotic state

  • How the subconscious influences attitudes, emotions & behaviours

  • The meaning of altered states and how to achieve them

  • Pre-hypnosis interviews

  • Different types of clients - how to test and how to proceed

  • Debunking myths and misconceptions about hypnosis

  • Formulas and methods of hypnotic induction

  • Hypnosis deepening and testing methods

  • The Laws of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotic language patterns

  • Protocols to help your clients:

    • End addictions​

    • Manage weight

    • Release anxiety

    • Enhance sports performance

    • Become a more confident

    • Accelerate learning

    • Take tests and exams with ease and confidence

    • Eradicate fears and phobias

    • Control pain and accelerate healing

    • plus many more issues and areas of interest

  • Hypno-analysis

  • Hypnotic Regression

  • Past Life Regression

  • What is Will Power and how to use it effectively

  • Self-hypnosis 

  • How to teach self-hypnosis to your clients

  • How to design and plan client sessions

  • Live demonstrations

  • Live practice

  • Ethics in Hypnotherapy

  • Code of Conduct and Best Practices



Holly Grahn
Sarah Shaw
Whitney Rae

listen to some recent grads  


Alana is a wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate hypnotherapist, teacher and simply as a human being. She was very honest, clear and helpful during the course. I have learned and evolved beyond just the professional level, but also on a personal level. I feel I am becoming a better version of myself.

Marianna M.

I absolutely loved this educational experience. Alana is a very talented and dedicated instructor that made the learning environment exciting and well supported. Her gentle teaching techniques and individual attention to each student's different learning style offered wonderful support, ensuring success to each participant as they were in this learning opportunity. I cannot wait to start my Hypnotherapy practice. I highly recommend Alana and her course to anyone who wishes to being their journey into Hypnotherapy.


Alana is AMAZING! Honestly, she is so warm, kind, compassionate and so knowledgeable about hypnotherapy & body language and she was so generous with that knowledge. I honestly can't say enough about how wonderful she is. I think she has made this course so, so amazing & a delight to spend my Saturdays with her.  And she is generous with her time, answering all my email questions, not everyone would. I appreciate that. 

Erin A.

This course exceeded my expectations. I now feel equipped with a variety of different tools and protocols to allow me to be completely client-centric. I feel finally ready and confident to open my own practice. I am impressed by the ethical code of IACT and its commitment to the highest standard of practice for the benefit of both practitioner and client. Most of all, I found our instructor, Alana, to be a passionate, professional, knowledgeable trainer and ambassador for IACT. She brought the training material to life and encouraged us to apply what we were learning along the way.

Sarah S.

Enjoy a fulfilling and flexible career helping others. All you need is a willing spirit and a compassionate heart. You will learn the rest.