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Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that is different than our regular waking, interactive state. It is a more relaxed state and it is quite normal. In fact, most of us find ourselves in a state of hypnosis every day without even knowing. It often happens when we are engrossed in a movie, when we daydream, sometimes when we drive, when we get drawn into a piece of music, during meditation and any other time we are relaxed and focused.

During the state of hypnosis, our conscious mind becomes less busy, leaving our subconscious mind more open and suggestible.


Our subconscious is the main driver of our perceptions, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and therefore, life experience. It stores our beliefs, most of which were imprinted there at a very young age. It also behaves in a very predicable manner, following certain rules. When we understand how it works, we gain the power to change it.


In hypnosis, we can access the subconscious to reveal belief systems that are not helpful and then install new, empowering beliefs.


Clinical hypnotherapy is a phenomenally powerful treatment that can set you free from physical and/or emotional pain that is causing suffering. It is also a highly effective behavioural change technique.


I specialize in early childhood regression because it gets to the root cause of the issue. Once the root cause is revealed and understood, transformation happens relatively quickly and easily, especially when compared with more traditional therapy techniques.


Hypnotherapy is not only useful for releasing unwanted issues, it is also incredibly effective for attaining new attributes and skills such as confidence and motivation.


The beauty of hypnotherapy is that you will not have to use willpower, effort or struggle to attain your goal. It will happen naturally once your subconscious mind accepts the new empowering beliefs that are installed during your session.

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