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life coaching

When people ask me what I do I am often met with confusion about what Life Coaching is. It is not therapy, though it contains elements of it. It is not counselling, though that happens too.

It is all about getting clear about who you are, what you want, getting rid of your road blocks and maximizing your potential. It is about finding out what makes you feel alive, fulfilled, content, happy and at peace.

When you embark on a journey with a good Life Coach, you will find yourself with a compassionate, interested, knowledgeable and enthusiastic cheerleader, confidant, co-pilot, healer, visionary, coach, mentor and partner.

I encourage complete transparency on both sides of the coaching/client relationship. This translates into a very special, close, rock solid partnership that acts as a sturdy foundation for you to achieve whatever it is that you desire.

Some of the many successes that my clients have realized include: written and published books, changed careers, started businesses, found the right jobs, increased business, learned to manage money and enjoy it, finally learned how to not stress and worry all of the time, met their perfect partners, repaired relationships, released and kept weight off by means of overcoming negative beliefs and overcoming resistance to change (including clients whose starting points were morbidly obese), quit smoking, quit and/or managed drinking, learned to speak in public, and increased self confidence.

Pricing for Life Coaching can vary greatly. When you are searching for a Life Coach, be sure to get a free consultation and check in with your gut to know if it's a good match. My fee for Life Coaching is $165/hour. 

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