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It was amazing! I was so thrilled at how that one session really made a difference for both of us. We both felt really happy and I can see how badly he wants to work on our relationship which is nice. You are brilliant and the perfect coach for us. You said just the right things and it was really eye opening. My fiance was really impressed he called his mom right away lol and they may do some coaching too!


I.H., Edmonton, AB

weight loss

Thanks again for everything Alana. You have changed our lives and the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You're an angel. You came into my life at just the right time. Also, I am so grateful for the business referral. He's my favorite client now haha.


P.L., Edmonton, AB

personal growth

Hi Alana, our session today was great and I'm excited for the future! Thank you for being available to guide me through my decisions. Sometimes it is just nice to have some confirmation and validation about my choices. I am so happy to have clarity for my future.


B.C., Australia

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